New Books

The following is a list of new books added to your Library collection in December, 2011:

Circulating Books:

 QA76.9.C672 B43 2012

 The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games                   

 QA76.9.C924 C37 2010

 Inside Cyber Warfare

Reference Book:

 UB363.P55 2009 

 The Wounded Warrior Handbook              


 PN1997.5.B58 2004        

 Blue Gender         

 PN1997.5.E83 2002

 Escaflowne:  The Movie

 PN1997.5.L44 1999

 Legend of Crystania

 PN1997.5.X431 2007

 Xenosaga The Animation:  Enter The Gnosis

 PN1997.5.X432 2007

 Xenosaga The Animation:  Voices From The Past                   

 PN1997.5.X433 2007

 Xenosaga The Animation:  Free Will

 TA1800.I5878 2008

 Introduction to Fiber Optics

Audio Books:

 BJ1611.2.A28 2010 AUDIO CD

 Abundance Paradigm                                                                                                              

 CT275.G7732 A3 2002 AUDIO CD

 The Lobster Chronicles

 E840.8.C43 A3 2011 AUDIO CD

 In My Time

 GV939.L6 M37 1999 AUDIO CD

 When Pride Still Mattered

 JK275.F75 2011 AUDIO CD

 That Used to Be Us

 PS3552.A446 Z47 2011 AUDIO CD

 Zero Day

 PS3553.L245 A43 2011 AUDIO CD

 Against All Enemies

 PS3553.O51165 D76 2011 AUDIO CD

 The Drop

 PS3557.R198 G56 2010 AUDIO CD

 Ghost Moon

 PS3557.R198 E95 2011 AUDIO CD

 The Evil Inside

 PS3560.A223 W53 2011 AUDIO CD  

 Wicked Game

 PS3563.I27 B48 2011 AUDIO CD


 PS3569.A787 C66 2003 AUDIO CD

 Come the Blind Fury

 PS3573.O6418 F55 2011 AUDIO CD

 Flirting with Disaster

 PS3602.E764 J44 2011 AUDIO CD

 The Jefferson Key

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