DeVry University Resuming Student Policies

Application to Resume
Students who have withdrawn from school may apply to resume their studies within three semesters under the Resuming Student Program. If withdrawal occurred during a semester, that term is not counted as the first of the three permitted. Students who do not resume within the three semesters must reapply with the Admissions Office.

Academic Requirements
Students seeking resumption of their studies should be aware that not all courses are offered each term, and that curriculum changes may have occurred during their absence. Although a student who has withdrawn may return at the beginning of any term, a review with the Academic Dean must be made to determine the schedule modifications necessary at the time of the return.

A student who has twice withdrawn from school before completion of the term, failed to begin a subsequent term without making formal application for withdrawal, who has withdrawn from a developmental class or who has been suspended may only be readmitted upon the specific recommendation of the Dean of Academic Affairs. Further, students who have been dismissed twice will not normally be readmitted. The reasons for the dismissals may include CGPA below 2.0, double withdrawal, credit hour progression or maximum timeframe. Questions regarding such dismissals should be directed to the Academic Dean.

A student who was on probation when studies were interrupted will remain on probation if readmitted. The student must return to good standing within one semester in order to prevent an academic dismissal.

Financial Requirements
A student must fulfill his/her financial obligations to DeVry prior to enrolling for a new term. This financial obligation may include one or all of the following:

  1. Prior to registration, any EDUCARD delinquent balance (at the time of interrupt) must be paid in the Student Finance Office in Room 2202.

  2. If a student intends to apply for financial aid, all necessary documents must be completed and submitted to the Student Finance Office prior to registration.

  3. Any Perkins Loan payments due prior to beginning of the term must be paid to the Student Finance Office in Room 2202 or Loan Administration at (800)733-3879, extension 4208.

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