Faculty & Staff Listing

DeVry University Tinley Park
18624 West Creek Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60477
708 342-3100

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 Name  Email Address  Category
 Blagojevic, Zarko (Zak)  zblagojevic@devry.edu  Staff
 Carmody, Margaret (Marge)  mcarmody@devry.edu  Staff
 Chapman, Bernice  bchapman@devry.edu  Staff
 Diedrich, Brandon  bdiedrich@devry.edu  Staff
 Gajda, James  jgajda2@keller.edu  Faculty
 Griffin, Jennifer  jgriffin3@devry.edu  Staff
 Harvey, Janell  JHarvey2@devry.edu  Faculty
 Hodges, Diane  dhodges@devry.edu  Staff
 Howard, Pamela  phoward@devry.edu  Staff
 Johnson, Jade  jjohnson@devry.edu  Staff
 Kirkwood, Jawaad  jkirkwood@devry.edu  Staff
 Lindstrom, Bert  blindstrom@devry.edu  Faculty
 Morrison, Michael  mmorrison@devry.edu  Faculty
 Ochall, Corey  cochall@keller.edu  Staff
 Ochall, Debra  dochall@devry.edu  Staff
 Penner, Alaric (Al)  apenner@devry.edu  Staff
 Peters, Nicole  npeters@devry.edu  Staff
 Pruett, Jennifer  jpruett@devry.edu  Staff
 Riordan-Sandeman, Paloma  priordan-sandeman@devry.edu  Staff
 Salitore, Robert  rsalitore@devry.edu  Faculty
 Strauch, Barbara  bstrauch@devry.edu  Faculty
 Sullivan, Sarah  ssullivan@devry.edu  Staff
 Sustr, Michelle  msustr@devry.edu  Staff
 Thomas, Davina  Dthomas@devry.edu  Staff
 Wright, Amanda  awright@devry.edu  Staff
 Yukich, Tracy  tyukich@devry.edu  Staff


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