Vehicle Regulations

Vehicle Registration
All motor vehicles must be registered and display a Tinley Park Campus permanent parking sticker. If a second vehicle is regularly driven to campus, a second sticker must be purchased for $1.00. Registration for a third vehicle must be arranged through Student Services.

The parking sticker must be securely and permanently attached on the inside of the driver's side of the rear window. Parking stickers MAY NOT be transferred from one vehicle to another - any new vehicle must be registered and the old registration canceled. The replacement sticker will be issued for $1.00 upon proof of vehicle registration. Motorcycles must also be registered and display a special parking sticker; there is no charge for it.

One-day temporary parking registration is available at the Receptionist's desk (at the West entrance) when an unregistered vehicle must be driven to campus. Temporary permits for longer periods must be obtained in the Student Services Office.

Designated Areas
Student Parking:
Any vehicle with a Tinley Park campus student sticker may park anywhere in the lot that is not otherwise reserved\designated.

Staff Parking:
Vehicles must display the appropriate faculty\staff or student staff permit to park in these areas.

Visitor Parking:
Visitors to campus must register their vehicle with the receptionist at the west entrance. Students, faculty and staff MAY NOT park in visitor spaces under ANY circumstances.

This area is reserved for motorcycles on a year-round basis.

Handicapped Spaces:
Persons with a state or local Handicapped Permit or license plate are the only individuals permitted to park in these spaces. Others with a permanent or temporary disability can arrange for special parking through the Student Services Office.

Reserved Parking:
These spaces are utilized for special situations and needs (such as temporary disabilities or other special circumstances requiring close-in parking) and are allocated by the Student Services Office.

All vehicles must be parked in the designated area appropriate to their sticker, and in no other area. All vehicles must be parked within one parking space, with all wheels inside the space (not on or over yellow lines, curb, etc.). There are NO circumstances (including weather\snow conditions, improper parking by others, etc.) in which any vehicle may park otherwise. Each person is responsible for all violations incurred on his/her parking sticker or registered vehicle, or by any vehicle driven to campus by him/her.

Specific violations and fines are as follows:

  1. Parking outside designated\space   $10.00
  2. Parking in non-designated area (visitor, staff, reserved, etc.)   $10.00
  3. Parking in handicapped space   $25.00
  4. No parking sticker   $25.00
  5. Others   $25.00
    Including (but not limited to):
    Unsafe parking
    Reckless driving
    Failure to stop at stop sign
    Failure to yield to pedestrians
    Exceeding speed limit
    Transfer of sticker to unregistered vehicle
    Fines are payable at the Cashier's office. If a ticket is paid or appealed within 24 hours of the violation, the fine is reduced by 50%. Appeals are made in writing in the Student Services Office, and any appeal must be made within five (5) business days of the violation to be considered.

Students with outstanding unpaid violations will NOT be permitted to register for classes or obtain transcripts until the fine has been paid.

Car Trouble
The Facilities Department can provide limited assistance with locked vehicle entry and battery charging (only to vehicles parked in the DeVry lot). Be prepared to present your Student I.D. and evidence of vehicle ownership. The Facilities Department is NOT able to provide repairs or other assistance.

Theft and Vandalism
Do NOT leave car stereos, tape decks, CB radios or any valuable property in your car. If you must leave something in your car, lock it in the trunk. If something is stolen from your car, report the theft to the Security Guard or the Student Services Office.

There is a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone guilty of theft or vandalism in the parking lot. Any suspicious behavior, and any incident of theft or vandalism, should be reported immediately to the Security Guard or to Student Services.

Neither the Tinley Park campus nor DeVry University is responsible for any personal property, including cars, that may be lost, damaged or stolen while located on the school's property.

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