High School Programs


Next session starts January 4, 2015

Earn college credit. All courses are the eight week blended format held on campus Saturday morning.

CEIS 100 Introduction to Engineering Technology

This course introduces basics of networking, programing logic and electrical engineering technology concepts. Topics include the importance of ethics and communications in the engineering world, as well as the benefits of belonging to a professional organization. In the lab, students gain experience in problem solving and completing lab reports. BEGINNING JANUARY 4, 2016 AND BEGINNING MAY 2, 2016

COMP 129 PC Hardware and Software (3 credits)

Explore PC systems from software, hardware and operating systems point of view. Hardware topics include system boards, processors, memory, power supplies, input/output (I/O) ports, internal adapters, printers and basic networking devices. BEGINNING FEBRUARY 29, 2016

CIS 115 Logic and Design (3 credits)

This course introduces basics of programming logic, as well as algorithm design and development, including constants, variable expressions, arrays, files and control structures for sequential, iterative and decision processing. Students learn to design and document program specifications using tools such as flow charts, structure charts and pseudo code. BEGINNING MAY 2, 2016

For more information contact:

David Nurczyk 
Senior High School Program Rep.

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