Evaluation of Electronic Sources

Is the "Help" function clearly visible?
Is the site easy to navigate?
Is the site cluttered up by unnecessary graphics and animation?
Is there an "internal" site search capability? If so, which search engine is used?
If the site uses ambiguous categories, is there a site map?

Is the site an ".aero, .biz, .com, .pro" (business or professional), ".coop, .edu, .museum, .org" (cooperatives, 'non-profit' organizations, universities), ".info" (unrestricted use), ".name" (individual registration), ".net" (usually ISP's), ".org"? Who created the site: Is there any biographical material about the author? (Education, Other Publications, Professional Society Membership, Qualifications, Work Experience)
Is there a way to contact the author?
Are the links provided by the author quality sources?
Follow the citations provided. The citations allow the user to determine the value of the original source as well as sources used on the site. These citations can allow access to more sources and more documents.

How current are the citations? In a rapidly changing subject, currency is extremely important.
Are the citations annotated?
How often is the site updated?

Is the site text only?
Are there links to other media that support the subject?
Music, Photographs, Video
Are online sources linked or cited?

Is the information available at the site relevant to the subject at hand based on the site description? When was the site last updated?
Are the links to literally-related sites or "similar sites"? "Similar sites" can have value, also.

Is the site an effort at providing all available information or is it limited to a specific subject area?
What areas does the information cover?
Comprehensive Subject Information or Subtopic within Subject
Periods of time involved

Is the site based on scholarly information or is it based on "popular" information?
What is the quality of the sources cited by the author: popular periodicals or journals?

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