Transfer Credit - FAQs

What is the maximum amount of Transfer Credit that may be granted to an undergraduate student?

  • A maximum of 80 DeVry credit hours may be awarded for lower-division or community college courses.
  • In Oregon, a maximum of 50 percent of a baccalaureate program's credit hours may be transferred from institutions not offering baccalaureate degrees.
  • Transfer credit maximums are also subject to DeVry's residence requirement for the chosen program.

Can I receive life experience credit?
DeVry does not grant academic credit for life experience.

Can I receive transfer credit while attending DeVry?
Students attending DeVry who seek to earn credit at another institution for transfer to DeVry must have approval to do so in advance by submitting an External Course Review case via the student portal.  Go to and select the Ask Us a Question link.

Are there special conditions for Veterans who wish to receive transfer credit?
For all veterans and eligible persons, an evaluation of previous education and training is completed.

Are there special conditions for international students who wish to receive transfer credit?
DeVry may require a catalog or additional material. If credits were earned at a foreign institution, a credit evaluation by an approved external evaluation service may be required.

How does transfer and/or proficiency credit influence my GPA and graduation requirements?
Transfer or proficiency credit that satisfies graduation requirements is considered when determining a student's academic level and progress; however, this credit is not used when computing GPAs.



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